• 911264 7mm Wide Spindles

7mm Wide Spindles


Suitable for Mk2 locks (downward to lock) and Mk2 handles

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Product Description

SF55/55c/75c – 44mm, 54mm, 69mm & 79mm lengths
SF75h – 39.5mm, 56mm, 69mm, 74mm & 100mm lengths
SF65 – 44mm, 69mm & 79mm lengths
SF70 – 44mm & 69mm lengths


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91126X Spindle length

7mm x 39.5mm long, 7mm x 44mm long, 7mm x 54mm long, 7mm x 56mm long, 7mm x 69mm long, 7mm x 79mm long, 7mm x 74mm long, 7mm x 100mm long